Welcome to a world where storage meets creativity! Our goal is to make storage not only practical but fun, playful, and memorable. Today let’s explore one of our signature products: the Dinosaur Storage Basket, beloved by kids of all ages - and adults!

Why our Dinosaur Storage Basket is a must-have for all parents:

Natural and sustainably sourced:

Our Dinosaur Storage Basket is made of Rattan, a natural resource from the climbing palms of Indonesia which is renewable and sustainably sourced. In addition, our Rattan is ranked Grade A, the highest level for quality and durability, and superior to cheaper rattan used by Vietnamese suppliers.

Non-toxic and child-safe:

Our Dinosaur Storage Basket is made of all-natural materials which include non-toxic, water-based, eco-friendly paint.

Handcrafted heirloom:

Our Dinosaur Storage Basket is lovingly handmade by artisans in Indonesia using traditional skills passed down from generation to generation. Your purchase supports the indigenous community and is a treasured heirloom to faithfully serve your growing family for years to come.

Adorable Statement Design:

Our Dinosaur Storage Basket ensures your child's bedroom or playroom is instantly unforgettable! Inject a Jurassic scale of adventure and imaginative play through our signature, bespoke design.  

Functional Storage:

Our Dinosaur Storage Basket is conveniently sized for storing your child’s favorite soft toys, books, and more. Lightweight and packed with personality to lift any room as playful decor, its spacious organising capacity ensures tidying is effortless and versatile.

Durable and easy to clean:

Our Dinosaur Storage Basket is made of the highest grade rattan which ensures a sturdy and durable construction, so it's built to last. Rejuvenate your rattan by wiping it down with a damp cloth and allow to air dry, the Dinosaur Storage Basket is low maintenance and easy to clean, ensuring its suitability for any room in your home.

Versatile Usage:

Our Dinosaur Storage Basket is lightweight which makes it easy to carry and relocate, making it perfect for organizing small spaces. Its cute dinosaur design makes it a fun addition to any room and brightens your space with its cheerful, pastel color. Its color is also gender-neutral, ideal for decorating any little one's bedroom or playroom. 

Baby's Room With Dinosaur Storage Basket 

How To Decorate Baby's Room With Dinosaur Storage Basket

Decorating your baby's room is a fun chance to make it cozy and full of character, all while keeping things tidy and easy to find. And with the cute Dinosaur Storage Basket from MOMIJI KIDS, you can bring a playful vibe to your little one's nursery while keeping all the essentials neatly tucked away. Let us show you how to incorporate this adorable basket into your baby's room decor: 

Toy Storage:

Utilize the Dinosaur Storage Basket to keep your baby's toys organized and easily accessible. Place it in a corner of the room or near a play area to encourage tidiness and foster independence as your little one learns to put away their toys.

Diaper Duty:

Make life easier by having diapers, wipes, and all the must-haves right at your fingertips. Just pop the Dinosaur Storage Basket next to your changing table on an elevated surface like your dresser so it’s within reach, and you're good to go! With plenty of space inside, you can stash diapers of all sizes, making sure you're never caught off guard during those diaper-changing moments. It's like having your little diaper depot ready and waiting for action!.

Closet Companion:

You can use these Dinosaur Storage Baskets to store your baby's clothes, blankets, and bedding, which helps you make the most out of your closet space. Not only do they keep everything tidy and easy to reach, but their charming design also adds a touch of personality to your wardrobe.

Book Nook:

Foster a love of reading from an early age by creating a cozy reading nook in your baby's room. Use the Dinosaur Storage Basket to store board books and soft toys, making it easy for you and your baby to enjoy storytime together.

Decorative Accent:

Showcase the Dinosaur Storage Basket as a decorative accent in your baby's room by placing it on a shelf or dresser. Its whimsical design adds a touch of charm to the space, serving as both a functional storage solution and a delightful decor piece.

Theme Integration:

If your baby's room follows a dinosaur or animal theme, the Dinosaur Storage Basket fits right in! Pair it with dinosaur-themed bedding, wall decals, and decor to create a cohesive and captivating space that sparks your little one's imagination.

Laundry Helper:

Simplify laundry day using the Dinosaur Storage Basket as a hamper for your baby's dirty clothes. Line the basket with a plastic bag, then let its durable construction and generous size do the rest - it’ll ensure that dirty clothes stay out of sight until wash day.


Dinosaur Storage Basket

How to Maintain the Dinosaur Storage Basket

Maintaining the adorable charm and practical functionality of your Dinosaur Storage Basket is effortless with a few straightforward upkeep guidelines. Begin by routinely wiping down the basket's surface with a damp cloth to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt, then allow to air dry. Always allow the basket to air dry entirely if it becomes damp, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight or excessive heat to prevent potential damage. 

For longevity, don’t overload the basket with too many heavy items as the excessive loading will strain the lightweight material. In general, the best location for your basket is in a dry, shaded, indoor spot with airflow and away from products with a risk of spillage or staining. 

Follow these simple steps, and you'll keep your Dinosaur Storage Basket looking vibrant and cheerful for years to come, continuing to bring both practicality and joy to your space!


Keep things neat, tidy, and magical with our one-of-a-kind dinosaur Storage Basket which injects personality and fun into any space. Not only is it spacious, lightweight, versatile, and durable, but our Dinosaur Storage Basket is also a bespoke statement that can spark a smile and brighten any room or any day. Both kids and adults alike appreciate its practicality, playfulness and easy maintenance. Swing by our website today to secure your own Dinosaur Storage Basket and discover why MOMIJI KIDS is the go-to destination for the most unique, fun, and functional storage solutions for your home.