Q. What are our products made of? 

The products in our maiden collection are made using Rattan, also known as (Teng), Rotan and பிரம்பு (Pirampu), a type of vine that grows well in the tropical regions of Africa, Australasia and Asia. South East Asia is home to most of the world's rattan population, which support the livelihoods of many rural communities.

Q. Why Rattan makes good furniture in a nursery?

In case you haven’t noticed, we simply love rattan! There are plenty of reasons why our glorious rattan furniture belongs in your nursery and home!

Light - Rattan's lightweight attributes makes it easy and safe to use.

Durable - Rattan poles boast a strong core that's hard to break and is well suited for both dry and humid weather

Eco-friendly - Rattan's outer skin is used as a weaving material, reducing wastage in the harvesting process. Our rattan furniture and toys are high quality classics that are built to last and can be passed on from one generation to the next. You will be doing your part for the environment! 

Handmade - In a world of mass consumerism, you'll be supporting and ensuring that the legacy of skilled rattan artisans lives on.

Sustainable - Rattan is the fastest growing tropical wood, it takes just 5-7 years to grow which is a fraction of the time a tree would take to produce the equivalent amount of wood, is easier to harvest and replant than a tree.

Q. What is the useful life of Rattan products?

Rattan products are built to last and are known for their resilience to knocks and scratches. Good care and maintenance of Rattan products stretches its useful life and makes it suitable as family heirlooms. 

To help you realise the full value of your purchase, we have included the age suitability in the product description for each product. 

In the case of our bassinets, each product is easily separated from its stand and can be converted into a stylish storage solution for your everyday needs.

Q. How do you maintain Rattan products?

To keep our Rattan products in good and usable conditions, we recommend cleaning them regularly with a furniture brush. A toothbrush may then be used to brush the cracks and crevices of each product.

Once the product is relatively free from dust and mildew, use a damp cloth with minimal soap suds (created with a small drop of dishwashing liquid) to apply across its surface area.

Food stains and spills should be rectified immediately before they harden or stain, by using a damp sponge with minimal soap suds.

Rattan products should avoid direct sunlight and may be dried outdoors under a shelter.

Q. Why are your products sold on a pre-order basis?

Unlike the big boys, we do not have the financial muscle and manpower to house our products at storage facilities. Pre-orders help to achieve cost savings from unnecessary overheads, while ensuring that you get the first pick of every shipment.

With pre-orders, we also like to think that our time is better spent ensuring that your purchase arrives in the form seen in our pictures, on time and within expectations.

Every dollar saved on our Rattan products is a dollar gained for your little bub!