Starting two years ago as a way to showcase their visuals, only to develop and blossom into a way to share their tips, advice and lifestyle, we love how Ochre Home styled their abode. We even recently caught up with Geraldine and she was kind enough to bring us around her warm home and take us through what her thought process was, along with some of her background! As a past art teacher with no prior interior design experience, it truly is inspiring how much she was able to learn and grow through her own reaserch and experience.

We hear you started mural painting in lockdown! Can you tell us a bit more about your journey? :)

My very first mural was painted in my childhood bedroom back at my parents’ home, and I told myself that I would definitely do it again when I got my own home. Fast forward, we moved into Ochre Home in 2019, and the lockdown in 2020 actually allowed me the time to finally create my first Ochre Home mural. I shared the process and outcome of this piece which garnered some attention and requests on Instagram, and that was how I embarked on my mural painting journey!


How would you describe your style at home?

The initial inspiration for our interior style was mid century modern, but I feel it has evolved over the years and become a lot more warm eclectic. We slowly curated and collected each piece of furniture and decor item which reflected our journey, with shifting tastes over the years. Hence we consider the current style a mix of multiple sources of inspiration that is uniquely ours.


What are your top 3 tips for those looking to decorate or spruce up their homes?

1. Less is more - focus on a selected few statement pieces or statement areas for decor, rather than try to pack every corner and shelf as much as you can. This gives visual focus and rest, which makes a space a lot more interesting than cluttered.
2. Identify the colour scheme of your home and stick to it when sourcing for decor (e.g. white, brown, and yellow) - this keeps the look cohesive and helps narrow down your search.
3. (My #1 tip) Don’t rush into purchasing decor all at once - it may be tempting to get a bunch of items upon moving in/revamping a space, but just focus on key pieces and always allow yourself time to live in and slowly decide what you really need and want. It also gives space and opportunities to collect items that are meaningful to you.


Where do you gather inspiration from?

Everywhere! From exploring corners and alleys of Singapore, observing the weather and landscape, from experiencing travels and culture, from interior magazines, Instagram, and of course everyone’s best friend, Pinterest.



What has been your favourite memory so far since starting Ochre Home? 

There are so many that I can’t decide which is my favourite! But a memorable one would still have to be the lockdown period in 2020. We had just moved in shortly before the restrictions came in, so the lockdown really gave us time to enjoy and experience living in our home properly, discovering our routines, habits, and just spending quality time at home together with June and Luna.


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