Dear friends,
It is with a heavy heart that I’ve decided to make this announcement. Darren and I have made the difficult decision to end this chapter of Momiji Kids and June will be the final month of business for us.
You may know this story, in 2019, I decided to take the plunge and start Momiji Kids after visiting the craftsmen community in Indonesia with our little ones in tow. But unknown to many, I struggled with post-natal depression after I gave birth to Layla in late-2018 and through this business, I found myself again, revived an old passion and discovered new meaning in life with each passing day.
I love my business, the incredible individuals that I’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside with, the talented craftsmen communities in Indonesia who have been the heart and soul of this journey, and more importantly, YOU. Each and everyone of you who have given us your unwavering patronage and patience over the past 4+ years. After lots of sweat, tears (and maybe a little blood) through late nights, weekends and public holidays to bring you the best of Momiji Kids, it was all worth it.
It certainly wasn’t easy to arrive at this decision, but the time has come for us to close this chapter and give something back to our 3 little ones - the original Momiji Kids, who are only this little for this long, and have been so accommodating despite their tender age (as I’m typing this out past her bedtime, Layla is lying down next to me and whispering her daily reminders to knock off early from work tomorrow). Without their love and inspiration, we wouldn’t be where we are today.
I hope that the last 4+ years of Momiji Kids has been more than just pretty furniture or toys. My intention when I started was to bring joy and lasting memories to your loved ones with our toys and furniture, as well as to create real and personal connections between mothers along the way. It was a tall order, but it certainly keep me going and I hope I’ve managed to make a little difference in my little interactions with you. And if you're a mom reading this and is thinking of starting your own business, it's never too late to pursue your dream.
If you would like a slice of Momiji Kids before we bid farewell, please do visit our website or make an appointment to visit our warehouse in person within the next 3 weeks. To our customers who have been waiting patiently for your pre-orders, we will be fulfiling them as soon as our last batch of stocks arrive in a week's time.
Thank you for graciously allowing Momiji Kids into your lives and the opportunity for this Mummy of 3 here to pursue her dream. For all of this and much more, we are so grateful. Xx
With love and our forever thanks x
Ying and Darren